CSR Declaration

We (Shimoda Kogyo), based on our management philosophy of "An everlasting company", contribute to society and realize the happiness and prosperity of our employees by providing added value to customers in the aim of continuous development with society, including stakeholders.

  • Be careful to have high ethical standards, to respect human rights, to observe laws and international norms, and to act appropriately, and conduct fair, transparent and sound transactions.
  • Respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of each person, build a safe and comfortable work environment for all employees, and ensure a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • As a "corporate citizen" living in the community, promote active social contribution and strive to develop and provide useful and safe products and services.
  • Recognize that environmental issues are a common issue for humankind, and comply with environmental laws, ordinances, and other requirements throughout our business activities.

We will constantly grasp internal and external voices throughout the company and promote the establishment of an effective internal system. In addition, we deeply recognize the social impact of our organization's decisions and activities and promise to fulfill our responsibilities.

Quality and Environmental policy

Quality policy

Our basic policy is "Contribute to customers' production activities through our business". We comply with customer requirements, laws and regulations, and promote continuous activities based on the quality management system.

Key measures

  1. Work on continuous quality improvement activities throughout the product supply process, aiming to improve customer satisfaction (CS).
  2. Aim to achieve product quality required by society and the market.
  3. Promote activities to improve work efficiency and to optimize work in daily work.

Environmental policy

The Company recognizes that its business activities are closely related to the global environment, and promotes continuous improvement of environmental performance based on the environmental management system in order to practice "Environmental management" in compliance with various laws, ordinances, and social requirements. We aim to realize a sustainable society through decarbonization, a circular economy, symbiosis with nature, and pollution prevention. 

Key measures

  1. Promote energy and resource savings in business activities.
  2. Properly manage environmentally hazardous substances and minimize their impact on the global environment.
  3. Promote proper disposal and recycling of waste.
  4. Aim to supply and create products and services that take into consideration their environmental impact in their life cycle.
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