In order to contribute to solving social issues, we are working to create new businesses that go beyond the scope of existing businesses, making use of our own business fields and our business partners' networks.

Areas of activity

Disaster prevention business

EcoLa Smart lamp

Ecola Smart Lamp is a lantern type LED lighting device that does not need batteries. The reason is that a "fuel cell" called a metal air battery of the type "air magnesium battery" is incorporated. Power can be supplied with water and a little salt, making it ideal for emergency storage.

EcoLa Smart lamp

Space business

Germicidal and deodorant gel LECLOZ・AIR

LECLOZ AIR is a germicidal and deodorant gel that has a low diffusion rate of chlorine dioxide and can be used safely in homes with small children and pets. A comfortable space is created by the warm pottery design and its color and six kinds of fragrances.

Germicidal and deodorant gel LECLOZ・AIR

Nursing care business

Day service EENE

EENE is a self-reliance support day service specialized in rehabilitation. We have three stores in Aichi Prefecture, and provide a selfreliance support program that matches everyone who needs support and nursing care based on the three concepts of "moving healthily," "laughing while having fun," and "speaking brightly" .

Day service EENE

Sales support system

We support sales activities from the perspective of quality and technology, and satisfy the requests of our business partners.

Functions and roles of Quality control department

Established a specialized department that can handle quality control and environmentally hazardous substance surveys.

  • Quality control support to meet the needs of customers
  • Quality improvement and prevention activities for suppliers
  • Creation of environmentally hazardous substance data by professional staff(chemSHERPA,JAPIA sheet etc.)

Functions and roles of Market development department

Established a specialized department that can propose optimal products and deal with technical issues.

  • Proposal for the optimal products that meet customers’ needs
  • Solving technical issues for the products customers are considering
  • Cooperation with suppliers of various products
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